MINISTRY IDEAS - Updated September 2014

One successful event which lasted some 3 months was a trading table at the rear of the church each week. Especially during the growing season for vegetables.
The idea was for parishioners to bring something that was surplus to their needs, each week, and then to buy something they needed from the table.
Alternatively they may like to do a trade. A jar of jam for the eggs they had brought etc.
This works best when the money raised is for a specific project as people will often give more than what is asked as a donation.

For the period of one month, parishioners are given a specific amount (Say $20) with the view of them using this to return many fold at the end of the month.
Some imaginative efforts can be created.
Eg: one person held a dinner for 6, charging guests to attend. She did this a number of times during the month and returned $300 from the $20 investment. Another did baking and sold it after church and to her friends. She returned $450 from her $20 investment.
Again, this works best when the project is for something specific.

This may not work as well in the city, but in a country parish this was most successful in raising revenue for a specific outreach project (Providing meals at the parish hall for the lonely).
The idea was for the church to provide 4 competent people each weekend from 5 - 9pm Fridays and 10 - 1pm Saturdays. Their task was to pack groceries and collect trolleys.
They were paid the going rate, and to avoid tax and payroll tax etc, this money was paid direct to the church. They were permitted to wear special aprons with the name of the church on it and what the purpose of the project was for. Because the project was community accepted, there were no union problems.
The side benefits of this program in fact saw the church grow with men.
Because those on duty were always smiling and helpful, it developed a great bond with people. As a result this brought many enquiries about what the church was doing. This in turn brought a number of new people to worship.
The task was not enormous, as with the 40+ that offered to assist, it meant they were only on duty 6 weekends a year.

Have the children design some cards and with the skills of craft people, many designs for all times in the year could be made. Eg: Mothers day, sickness, birthdays etc.

Ask members of the congregation to contribute a casserole for two, four or six that can be frozen with cost of preparation attached.
The person in charge of the project (have various people do this for a month at a time) is rung up and can give the caller a choice of casserole. Simple add 50% to the cost of the casserole which still makes an inexpensive quick meal.

A meal is always a great way for people to mix. To make the get togethers more interesting, have a theme night. Eg: Mexican, Chinese etc and have people come in traditional dress. You could also have a "P" night, when you serve food that starts with a "P" . If you are interested in further information about the dinners, ring Fr Max on 0409 441 246

During the service the baptism is recorded on a digital camera. This is them printed off in colour (during the service by a person who has already been to Mass that day) and given to the family at the conclusion of the service.
Normally the photo only contains the family with Fr Max and is inserted into a special frame with the baptism details printed as well.

The baptism candle which is given has the child's baptism details printed on the actual candle. There is also the special cake that is decorated and used for morning tea, and the Baptism Bear. The bear is usually given to the families, on the 1st anniversary of the baptism, during worship, assuming they have continued to be regular at worship over that period.

The parish as a fund raiser and opportunity for a good quality event have an annual "Christmas dinner in July"
This year, the three course traditional hot dinner will be held in Saint Augustine's heated hall one Saturday night at 7pm.
The cost of the night is $15 for an adult, $10 for a child and $35 for a family. Excellent value.
Parishioners (and their friends) from other parishes are invited to share with us on this great evening.
Contact: Fr Max Bowers, PO Box 484 Brighton SA 5048 - Ph: 0409 441 246
The Guests finally arrive ....
... and the wedding of the century commences.
This was to be a night that Gawler would not forget when 100 guests assembled in their south hall waiting for the bride, who was traditionally late. The marriage service then experienced, what all priests dread, "...If anyone here present knows of any reason..." Sure enough there had to be one, and the interjector after upsetting the solemn occasion, was ejected. The final , tongue in cheek' vows were said and the merriment started, thanks to Kies wines who supplied a tasting. The bide and the groom had a falling out and went there separate ways. The only thing left to do was to ensure the wedding gifts were not wasted. As a result an auction of the wedding gifts was held, raising $1310 for The Abbey youth Centre.
A fabulous fund raising idea with outreach as its goal.
Contact: Fr Peter Simmons, PO Box 118 Morphet Vale SA 5162- Phone (08) 8556 5105
Mobile: 0419.803.630     Email:

"It's awful being an orphan"
St. Elizabeth's each year puts on a melodrama, with a three-course dinner and drinks included in the price. This year's production has started very well and the cast are all enthusiastic moving towards the final two performances.
However, it has not been without its dramas (pardon the pun). Two weeks before opening night, one of the leading ladies was hospitalised. Fortunately Alison McCall stepped into the fray and learnt her lines within a few days, with two small children and a three month old baby listening in!
The melodrama itself is a light-hearted comedy about a wicked con-man who wants his dead brother's millions, but must either marry or dispose of his niece before he can get the cash. What begins as a quest for her love ends with her tied up at the old saw-mill, looking death in the face, before her "hay-seed" hero saves the day assisted ably by his lawyer cum priest.
Commenting on his three lines in the production Fr. Theo McCall (alias the lawyer, Mr. Willoughby) said he felt ready for a larger role in next year's production. But with such a talented cast he will be hard pushed to break into this quality team of actors.
Contact person for suggested scripts or how to go about it:
Fr Theo McCall, Adelaide SA
- 0428 446 321




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