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NEW Lent Study Book for 2021

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Bishop Jeremy Greaves

Sample intro and 1st study - Click Here

GOING FURTHER - Additional Material.

Ebook suitable for Apple and Android devices - $7.50 (Awakening in Faith) - This eBook is for individuals only and we rely on the honesty of parishes using this option. Please pay for each individual download.
Not suitable for Kindle.

Print any number of your own copies if you have a booklet option on your photocopier - $50 - (Awakening in Faith) - This PDF is for one individual parish only and we rely on the honesty of parishes using this option.

*** PHOTOCOPY EDITIONS OF THE CURRENT STUDY - $5 each - (Awakening in Faith)





"Make a Difference" (Bishop Bill Ray)
Using "Lent B" Readings.
We look at the world around us and ask “where has society gone wrong and in particular, why is the church seen as irrelevant?”

There are those in the world who see the church as a half full glass, while others see the church as an empty or half empty glass. These six studies are for those who see the church as a glass half full and are seeking to add to the glass of faith in a positive way to “Make a Difference.” in our secular world.

As we are led through the Sunday Lent readings and then reading a short commentary, we are invited to reflect upon their message. It is hoped each participant will be able to find some space to quietly reflect before coming to the groups.

The aim of the group discussion in "Make a Difference" is to share insights and allow ourselves to be challenged, so that we will live out our faith in an authentic way.

We need to work towards finding ways to be seen as relevant in the world, whilst not losing our Christian authenticity.

While the readings and study are important, it is hoped we will get to know each other better and develop deeper relationships in the body of Christ where we are worshipping now.

Sample pages of the introduction and first study.
Click here for pdf file (Sample now available)

• Cost $ 9.95 plus postage
• Full colour - Top quality glossy paper.
• Discounts on "Make a Difference" for orders 50 and over.
• Books can be ordered and paid for on line or we will send
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• The readings are based on the Year "B" lenten lectionary    readings using ‘The Australian Lectionary’.
All Six studies are included in the Study Book.

GOING FURTHER - Additional Material.


"The God of Life" - Bishop John Harrower

God is the God of Life. It is no accident that the great “I Am” sayings of Jesus include the very staples of living: bread and water. And it is not an idle thing that we are invited at Holy Communion to feed on Christ spiritually, in our hearts, by faith with thanksgiving. God desires us to live Christlike lives.

Lent has traditionally been a special season in the growth and development of a Christian’s life. Through looking carefully into our outer and inner lives, with reflection and repentance, we find renewal.

The Holy Spirit takes our prayers, thoughts, questions and study time, and shapes our lives to deeper discipleship.

A special focus on God’s work in us that enables us to experience life in its fullness is explored in each of these five studies:

Study One: Creator of Life
Study Two:
Promiser of Life
Study Three: Sustainer of Life
Study Four:
Rescuer of Life
Study Five: Renewer of Life
Study Six (Holy week) ‘Ruler of Life’ is published on the web site.

May these Lenten studies be to you a life-changing event through the power of the Holy Spirit.

‘God of Life’ is a five part study book (plus study 6 on the web) of the readings and Psalms for the Eucharist based on the readings for Year B.

Sample pages of the introduction and first study.
Click here for pdf file

• Cost $ 9.95 plus postage
• Full colour
• Discounts on “The God of Life” for orders 50 and over.
• Books can be ordered and paid for on line or we will send an account.
• The readings are based on the Year "B" lenten lectionary readings using ‘The Australian Lectionary’.

Faith Rudder - Bishop Bill Ray

Every photograph tells a story. The front cover is fascinating; a photograph of so much unfulfilled potential. There are a number of boats all without an outboard motor and neither are the oars in the rollicks. I am reminded of times when I have been on holidays at the beach and all these boats are lined up for hire. Without the outboard engine or oars they are only a visual image but achieve nothing; but are reminders of their potential.

There have been times in my Christian pilgrimage when I have been a little like the boats in the photograph. So much potential for the Kingdom of God, just haven’t quite engaged the engine or oars to go forth in my faith.

This Lenten Study - Faith Rudder, is based on the theme of covenant and will draw upon the Old Testament readings for 'Year B' of the season of Lent using 'An Australian Lectionary'. During the five studies we will examine a number of covenants between –
• God and Noah.
• God and Abraham.
• God and Israel with Moses.
• Living the covenant.
• New covenant written upon the heart as outlined in Jeremiah.

Covenants are fundamental in both the Old Testament and New Testament. The covenants are between God and the people of God. As we study the various covenants and consider the implications for our daily Christian lives may this Lent enable us an opportunity to tune our engines or oars of faith, so that we can be an effective rudder of faith to direct our good ship; “Christian Pilgrimage”.

• Cost $ 9.95 plus postage .

• Full colour - Year B in the Lectionary

• Discounts on orders 50 and over

• Books can be ordered and paid for on line or we will send an account

Faith Rudder - contains five studies focusing on our Covenant with God. The readings are based on the Year "B" Old Testament lenten lectionary readings

Additional material is provided on our web pages

• Sample pages of the introduction and first study. (pdf file 369k)
144dpi version available to view by clicking here (700k)
  72dpi version (400k) Click here

(Faith Journey)
The Readings for Lent 4 (Page 29) should read -
Numbers 21: 4-9 and John 3: 14-21


• Full colour - Year "B" readings       (Suitable thoughout the year)

Earthing my Faith in Love contains five studies. This study focuses on Christian love in the early 21st century. We are all involved in big changes in society and we need a vision of genuine love so that we can practice love and not burn out. Television makes us aware of so much suffering in the world. We have different neighbours compared to ten years ago. The internet and mobile phones have changed our world. The title Earth-ing my Faith in Love reminds us that we urgently need to find a new compassion for the environment so that there is a viable future for our children on this planet. As we go on the journey to Easter, Jesus will nurture us into his loving way. 

Sample pages of the introduction and first study. (pdf file 650k)

The Reverend Ron Browning

“Staying on Track”- Year B - OT & NT
Written by Bishop Bill Ray from The Diocese of North Queensland and contains five studies that invite participants to reflect on their lives.

Bishop Ray says about this book "When I first heard the term “bracket creep” I had to ask what it meant. I was told it was about income rising and a person automatically going into the next tax bracket. I thought there is a lesson here about living the Christian faith. Over time it is easy to find ourselves finding ourselves off track, slightly de-railed or in a siding in terms of living out our faith without being aware that this has happened.
The five studies explore the Old and New Testament as to whether it is relevant to us in today’s world . The studies also explore how we can nurture our faith and enjoy the promises of God."

Year "B" OT and NT readings are used for this study

Australia - $ 9.95 
Additional Web material is available - Click Here

Click here to view sample material on "Staying on Track" - This contains the overall outline, the five weekly themes and a complete printout for study 3. "Year B"

PDF VERSION of the same sample material mentioned above, but exactly how it appears in the actual book itself..

LENT REVISITED - Year B Gospel (Bishop Bill Ray)

"Lent Revisited" has been written by the Bishop Bill Ray who is a Bishop with city and country experience. "Lent Revisited" is a series of five studies with a down to earth look at the gospel lectionary readings for year B. It is written from the heart and with a true understanding of the limitations, time restrictions and the concerns parishioners have in making the most of their Lenten journey.

"Lent Revisited" is a fresh look at many old truths. It will be a time to revisit, refocus and redirect when:-
· facing temptation.
· undergoing suffering (or transformation).
· principles are being challenged.
· focusing on belief.
· reflecting on life and death.

Year "B" Gospel readings are used for this study

PDF File - View the overview of "Lent Re-Visited" and 1st study
(You will need 'Acrobat Reader' to view this file - It is obtainable free from the Adobe site)

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