It is always difficult to please everyone when designing a study. Some will want a simple approach, while others are looking for something more meaty.

As a result this study has been designed to cater for the following opportunities.

1. The Studies follow the Sunday reading for Lent.

2. An opportunity to care for each other during and after the study has been completed (See page 3)

3. A preparation for Sunday so one is ready to empathise with the address, assuming the preacher uses the set readings.

4. The actual study, which also provides an icebreaker to get to know one another better.

5. There is a section for those wishing to go deeper into the topic.

6. Stories on each of the subjects are included that could be used as an alternative to the questions provided in any study.

7. An additional study is provided for those who include a group meeting in Holy Week.

8. An opportunity is given at the back of the book to report back to the parish, information that a group feels is important.

The six weeks include:
The temptation of Jesus
The courage of Jesus
The judgement of Jesus
The forgiveness of Jesus
The anointing of Jesus
The last supper of Jesus

Any group that would like to offer comments about the preparation of this study or suggestions for improvement, their comments would be valued should they take the time to put pen to paper. (Old time thought that, now isn't it)