This is a study booklet containing Five Lent Studies for parish groups.

The studies are based on the themes,


There are only five studies so that Holy Week may be kept free for the observance of the special services which are held in many parishes during that week.

Each study is preceded by SIX DAILY READINGS to give background and to add information and stimulate thought. There are only six daily readings provided for the week so that each Sunday is kept free for consideration of the readings used in worship. Begin the daily readings one week before the day of the week on which your group meets.

The daily readings also provide a PONDER section as an aid to personal meditation. After the ponder section also comes a PRAYER SUGGESTION. In this way each group member makes a personal journey through Lent and is able to bring that experience into the group discussion, if he or she

wants to. The 'getting started' section in each session provides an opportunity for group reflection based on these six daily readings. It should not be seen as compulsory for individual group members to participate in this. It is there to provide opportunity for those who do want to ask questions or share discoveries.

There will usually be more questions in a session than a group can satisfactorily get through.

Select the questions the group members want to discuss, according to the time available, and be content to leave the rest.

Also provided at the beginning of the booklet, is a series of SIX PREPARATION READINGS AS A LEAD UP TO ASH WEDNESDAY. These may be done ten days or a fortnight before Lent actually begins so as to allow plenty of time for you to work out your own particular Lenten rule or to seek direction from others in this matter.

Every Blessing for your own Lenten walk with the Lord Jesus.