"TheGood News is Still Catchy"

Most of us in the congregations throughout Australia are veryshy when it comes to doing something about "Evangelism".

"The Good News is Still Catchy" is designed for congregationswhich in their hearts, would like to be loyal to God's expectation of us to tell others the Good News about his Son Jesus, but arenot sure how to, or are embarrased to, try.

With the support of other members in the study groups who usethis book, this can be changed.

"The Good News is Still Catchy" is designed to allowus to look at how we, and others, view the faith and considerways of doing it in a non-threatening way.

"The Good News is Still Catchy" reveals practicalways the average member of a congregation can go about this task.

The five sections include:

1. Looking at what it means to reach out with the Good News.

2. Considering what the Bible says about our responsibilities.

3. What exactly is it that we should be telling people?

4. What the difficulties are that we may experience and howto overcome them?

5. Some safe, non threatening, yet effective ways to beginthe task.

"The Good News is Still Catchy" gives us an opportunityto be spiritually challenged. It presents many practical (non-threatening) suggestions enabling participants to experience "Evangelism"at their own level.

The Reverend Max Bowers