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Today with Jesus - Year C -
- Bishop Doug Stevens

  Christian can make a difference - Bishop Bill Ray
Prayer - Music to God's ears ***   Nurtured to be free - Bishop Andrew Curnow ***

Spendthrift Lover - Bp John Parkes
(Almost Sold Out - 40 copies available)

  Lent with Luke - Year C - (Almost Sold Out - 30 copies available)
Faith Rudder  

Christian in a Secular World *** - Almost Sold Out - 13 copies available

Over the Moon - Book 1  

Godly Steps - Bishop Bill Ray

Over the Moon - Book 2   Christian in the Church - Bishop Andrew Curnow ***
Over the Moon - Book 3 (Sold Out)   Walking Humbly With God - Year C
         Rev'd Canon Timothy Gaden
Over the Moon - Book 4
  Lent re-visited - Bishop Bill Ray
Over the Moon - Book 5   Spare a minute - Year A -- Bishop John Ford
God of Life - Bp John Harrower   Earthing My Faith in Love - The Rev'd Ron Browning ***

Staying on Track ***


Being an Anglican today - Bp Andrew Curnow ***

Easter Journey   Wood to the Weave
Lord Tune Me - Fr Max Bowers
Set Free - Bp John McIntyre
Loving God - Bishop Philip Huggins - (Almost Sold Out - 5 copies available)   ***

Books listed with *** are suitable for anytime throughout the year, not just Lent.

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OVER THE MOON BOOKS (Family Service Resources)
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