• Kid’s Church Activity:
  • For the children’s activity, the children write their gifts in each of the jig saw pieces. Then the children put them together. (These may be coloured by smaller children)
  • To involve the congregation in the activity, we pass out the pieces of the jigsaw and have them write their gifts on them.
  • Place an overhead master on the overhead projector which shows the church and the jigsaw lines.
  • As each person comes out with their piece, have them share what their gift(s) is and place the piece on the overhead projector
  • The screen gradually fills up as more share in this activity.
  • Just before the last one is added, it is stressed that the jigsaw is not complete until this last piece is added
  • When we all work together, sharing our gifts, God has made us complete.
This overlay goes over the church you draw. It will make it easier to make the jigsaw.

Enlarge it to the size you require.

Page 9 - Over the Moon - Book 5