Recognising and using God's gifts to us
Reading: Ephesians 4: 1 - 16
Getting ready: A photo is taken of the church or sketched, and is enlarged (A4 size) An overhead master of the Church and a jig saw outline. A photo copy of the Church and jig saw outline is made onto card (1 per child).- These will have been pre-cut prior to the service.
  • Talk in point form:
  • Children asked what a gift is? (Normally they will talk about presents)
  • Consider how God also gives us presents. They are different types of gifts.
  • Consider the gifts listed in Ephesians.
  • They then share how good they are at : Sport, school work, helping friends, keeping secrets, caring for people, using a computer etc.
  • We are not all good at everything, only some things
  • Yet when we work together as a team. we all help by sharing the things we are good at.
  • No one person is better than another.
  • Mention the body. An eye is no better than a nose or a foot or an arm etc. Explain what each task is and how they are essential to make the body work.
  • Then compare that to the gifts previously spoken about.
  • God has given us these special gifts so we can do the things we do, and also so we can share them with others.
  • Eg: If you are good at computer games, you could teach someone how to play them better. Share your skill or gift.
  • This is the way God intended it to be - sharing with each other.
Page 8 - Over the Moon Book 5